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Holding a Book

Religious Education

Introducing: Family Night!

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There will be no Family Night or Religious Education classes through the summer. 

Come one, come all to Family Night! Family Night is a chance to work together as a community of faith on a faith project or experience. On the 1st Sunday of each month we will gather together and build our faith together. Everyone is encouraged to come! Dinner starts at 5:45 pm with our fun faith activity following until 7 pm. 

RE Schedule



Preschool - high school

Everyone eats dinner from 5:30-6:00

Programming from 6:00-7:15

Parents are welcome to stay for a program that follows along with this year's middle school and high school Theology of the Body program.

Topic 1: What is Catholicism? 

Topic 2: Who is God? 

Topic 3: Who is Jesus? 

Topic 4: Who is the Trinity? 

Topic 5: Church part 1: doctine and creed

Topic 6: Church part 1: Who is the Church?

Topic 7: Bible part 1: Formation

Topic 8: Bible part 2: Old Testament

Topic 9: Bible part 3: New Testament

Topic 10: Bible part 4: Interpretation of the Bible

Topic 11: Prayer 1: Common and liturgical prayers

Topic 12: Mass part I

Topic 13: Mass part 2

Topic 14: Liturgical Year

Topic 15: Catholic Devotionals

Topic 16: Sacraments I

Topic 17: Sacraments II

Topic 18: Sacraments III

Topic 19: Theological Anthropology

Topic 20: Grace and Salvation

Topic 21: Resurrection and Conversion

Topic 22: What is sin?

Topic 23: Morality

Topic 24: Living in the Church

Topic 25: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

Topic 26: Saints

Topic 27: Mary

Topic 28: Ecuenism

The history of the Catholic Church series takes you on an adventure through 2000 years of Church history exploring the political, social, and religious events that shaped the church. The series runs on Thursdays from 7-8:30 pm. Recorded sessions and notes are available on this page as soon as they are recorded. The fall series includes the first 1000 years and the spring series includes the 2nd 1000 years. Stay tunes and enjoy the adventure, 

Part 1: pre-history to 1000 AD

Lecture 1: pre-history 

Lecture 1: Pre-history

Lecture 2: 1st Century

Lecgture 2 - 1st Century

Lecture 3: 2nd Century

Lecture 4: 3rd Century

Lecture 5: 4th Century

Lecture 6: 5th Century

Lecture 7: 6th Century

Lecture 8: 7th Century

Lecture 9: 8th Century

Lecture 10: 9th Century

Lecture 11: 10th Century

Lecture 12: 11th Century

Lecture 13: 12th Century

Lecture 14: 13th Century

Lecture 15: 14th Century

Lecture 16: 15th Century

Lecture 17: 16th Century

Lecture 18: 17th Century

Lecture 19: 18th Century

Lecture 20: 19th Century

Lecture 21: 20th Century

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