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Introducing: Family Night!

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Come one, come all to Family Night! Family Night is a chance to work together as a community of faith on a faith project or experience. On the 1st Wednesday of each month we will gather together and build our faith together. Everyone is encouraged to come! Dinner starts at 6 pm with our fun faith activity starting at 6:30. The night concludes by 7:30.



This series explored the Book of Revelation and the final revelation of God as chronicled by John. Each session has written notes and accompanying recorded session. The series runs from 10/7/21-12/2/21. All the session are below. 

Session 1 - Introduction and Interpretation

session 1: Introduction and Interpretation

Session 2: The Seven Churches

session 2 - The Seven Churches

Session 3: Heavenly Worship

session 3 - Heavenly Worship

Session 4: The Sevens

Session 4: the Sevens

Session 5: The Beasts

Session 5 - the Beasts

Session 6: The Bowls

session 6 - The Bowls

Session 7: Babylon Falls

Session 7 - Babylon Falls

Session 8: The Reign of God

Session 8 - The Reign of God
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Thursdays from 7-8:30 pm 

Starting Feb. 17th.

2/17: Introduction to Morality: Finding a moral law

2/24: Morality of an action

3/3: Principles of morality

3/10: Morality, ethicality, and appropriateness

3/17: Political ethics

3/24: Medical Ethics

3/31: Sexual ethics

4/7: Religious ethics

Session 1: Finding a moral law

Morality session 1: Finding a moral law

Session 2: Action, Intention, Circumstances

Morality session 2: Action, Intention, Circumstances

Session 3: Moral Principles

Morality session 3: Moral Principles

Session 4: Morality, Ethicality, and Appropriateness

Morality session 4: Moralty, Ethicality, and Apppropriateness

Session 5: Human Dignity, Conscience, and Sin

Morality session 5: Dignity, Conscience, and Sin

Session 6: Political Ethics

morality session 6: Political Ethics

Session 7: Medical Ethics

Morality session 7: Medical Ethics

Session 8: Sexual Ethics

Morality session 8: Sexual Ethics

Session 9: Social Ethics

Morality session 9: Social Ethics